Hope Center Angren

Project #: 121402

Two worlds coexist in Uzbekistan.

On the one hand, it is a country of majestic mosques, noisy bazaars, tasty pilaf, and exquisite decorations. It is the country of Bukhara and Samarkand, through which endless caravans have always passed from west to east
and back on the Great Silk Road.

On the other hand, in the same country, there are disappearing cities as Angren. Currently it barely has 125,000 inhabitants, and whole neighborhoods resemble a «ghost town». Poverty has pushed many residents into the world of crime or drug and alcohol addiction. Many children from Angren visit our brothers and sisters in church because they are left without food for several days, risk freezing in winter, and sometimes endure beatings and violence in their families.

Through the construction of the Hope Center, the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of many of these children can be met. We invite you to join this project, giving them shelter and hope. It will be a place where they will be fed, where they will experience joy and love, and where they will learn about Jesus Christ.

We kindly ask you to pray for

• Children and youth in Angren who are in a difficult situation
• The local church that it actively filling the needs of the people
• The possibility and finances to build the Center of Hope

The Tashkent Playground

Project #: 121404

Uzbekistan is a country of 33 million people, about 40 percent of whom are under 18.

The goal of the church that we partner with in Tashkent, is to reach these young people and tell them about the Gospel. The church uses summer camps as an outreach platform for children and youth in the area. Last year they held day camps throughout the summer. However, their opportunities are very limited because there is no suitable place to hold the camps. Currently the only place is the church yard.

We would like to help the church reach the young people. To do this, we plan to build a playground and sports field where various sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball can be played. With a playground and field, it would attract anyone from children to young adults and families and bring opportunity for the church to connect more with the people that come.

We kindly ask you to pray for:

• Children and youth ministry in Uzbekistan
• Staff members and their conversations with children about faith

Campsite Facility

Project #: 121403

According to this year’s World Watch List, Uzbekistan fell from 18th to 21st place on the list of countries with the highest rate of Christian persecution.

For Christian believers, this means that some restrictions on religious practice in Uzbekistan have been lifted, and religious life has become relatively easier.

Christian children’s camps have been illegal in Uzbekistan since 2008. With boldness and ingenuity, churches still held small ministries so that children could hear about Jesus. For many decades, however, believers in this country were not able to rent campsites and host activities with children during the camp. As of 2019, this is now possible and Christian camps can now be held officially.

About an hour’s worth of drive from Tashkent is Uzbekistan’s only camp base available for Christian summer camps. This facility can only host 100 participants which is only a fraction of the children and youth that can attend at once.

We’re asking for your help to build four more facilities that can host in total 200 participants and double the opportunity for kids to rest and hear the Gospel of Jesus.

We kindly ask you to pray for:

• Children who come to camp to see, hear, and accept the Gospel
• Location opportunities to arise for the future facilities
• For God to work through the camp staff and ministers and reach the children so that they could come to know Jesus Christ personally. 

Aslan and Anastasia Eminov

Project #: 121301

Aslan was raised in a Muslim family.

Aslan together with his parents and sister grew up in such difficult circumstances that he did not even have money to go to school. As an 11-year-old boy he saw with his own eyes how his father was imprisoned for drug trafficking. After that came times of utter poverty and misery. When Aslan was 16, he went to Kazakhstan to make some money. When he returned, he couldn’t recognize his mother, who by that time had believed in Jesus Christ. That same year the Lord touched Aslan’s own heart and in spite of many inner struggles, he decided to follow Jesus. Today Aslan, together with his wife, is running a youth ministry in Tashkent. In addition, he coordinates the ministry of the Bible Mission in Uzbekistan.

His vision for his ministry is to raise up a new generation of sincere and devoted followers of Christ.

We kindly ask you to pray for:

• Wisdom in coordinating ministry
• Youth ministry in Uzbekistan
• Aslan’s conversations with those who are seeking Christ