Missionary Support

Missionary Support

God calls evangelists to bring His Word to people through a specific ministry. With great zeal, evangelists and their families carry out this task. They need our support and prayer, as well as providing support for their ministry.

We believe that it is very important to form groups of friends for evangelists. Thus, we promote regular prayer support and material assistance to their ministry. The evidence of their activities shows the fruits of God’s action. We also invite evangelists to Germany so that they can tell about the ministry in the churches.

We carry service with the church, for the church and through the church. Local churches send evangelists to the ministry. This close cooperation with the churches has proved itself well, and we want to continue to support and strengthen the local churches.
With the help of the regional offices of the Biblical Mission, we have direct contact with the evangelists. They participate in the implementation of all projects of the Bible Mission.
We help build a strong bridge between the churches that support the missionary’s ministry and the community in the mission field.


The friends of the Mission support 80 missionaries


Our missionaries run projects in 9 different countries

Not everyone can go to the mission field themselves. But you can pray for evangelists, support them, and thus have a part in their ministry. Through this, you are part of God’s work! Thank you for your support by donating to the evangelists in the mission field.


We would be glad to hear your questions and help in our undertakings of the services that we carry before the Lord. We have a section with answers for frequently asked questions (FAQ), you can find a lot of useful information there. If, after that, you still have questions write us an e-mail or call us.

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