Church Construction

Church Construction

Small, active churches in the mission field are eager to be evangelists to the gospel. However, often they are limited in capabilities and resources. Many do not even have a place where they could gather and where people could come to hear the Word of God.

Together, with partners in the ministry, we are building model Prayer Houses – a model which was specially developed for this project: 18 ft. x 36 ft. for 100 people. With this we help active churches from 30 to 40 members who do not have the resources to build a House of Prayer. This assistance contributes to the growth of the church and the development of its evangelistic activities.

Our help encourages the development of the missionary ministry of the church. We especially support the ministry of small groups in these churches and the organization of new daughter churches. We want to create healthy conditions for the growth and development of the missionary ministry of the church.


Annually, we have the oppurtunity to build 20-25 churches in the mission field


Church projects built between  2010-2015


Churches planned to be built between 2016-2020

We are always happy to support those who wish to go on a trip for the construction of churches. It can be a group of one church or an individual. We offer your church to organize a team and send it to help with this constructive project!


И сказали они: будем строить, и укрепили руки свои на благое дело. Неемии 2:18   Дорогие друзья!Через проект Строительство Домов Молитвы мы помогаем небольшим, активным церквям в странах

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ПОРХОВ, Россия

В царское время здесь была большая община, но после сталинских репрессий не осталось никого. В 1996 году в Порхове вновь появилась община. На сегодняшний день

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Church construction in the village of Trostyanets, Ukraine

День 1

День 7

24 Сентября 2017 г.: Праздник Освящения

Church construction in the villige of Prishib, Ukraine

День 1

День 7

16 Октября 2017 г.: Праздник Освящения


We would be glad to hear your questions and help in our undertakings of the services that we carry before the Lord. We have a section with answers for frequently asked questions (FAQ), you can find a lot of useful information there. If, after that, you still have questions write us an e-mail or call us.

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