Summer Camps Update: Ukraine

Summer Camps Update: Ukraine

On July 12, 2018, Bible Mission Slavic sent off three volunteers to go serve in various children’s camps in Ukraine. Their trip barely started and already they saw the work of God’s hand, as told by Anna Yurik:


“We already see God’s hand in our trip. We had packed 10 checked bags to take with us. 8 of them went through fine and the last two we were told that we had to pay $285 for each one. We explained our purpose of travel and the agent went to see if she could process the bags as a 2nd bag instead of 3rd bag which would bring the price down to $100 each and they granted our request.  I gave my credit card to process the payment and she came back shortly saying that she ran it twice and it got declined even though I’m sure I have money on there. We then used cash to go buy a visa and used  that instead. She then tried to run the visa two times and came back surprised and said that for some reason the machine is declining the visa as well. She wished us a great trip and said they would be free! Our God is amazing!!!”


Praise God for giving us the opportunity to serve Him and for all the wondrous miracles He provides along the way. Please keep Anna Yurik, Ivan Lapshin, and Inna Kopaygorodskaya in your prayers as they will be spending the next month serving in Ukraine.

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