BM Blessing 2021 ENG


In conjunction with the arrival of the brothers at the Alliance Council meeting, January 9, 2021, the brothers were asked to hold a prayer of consecration of the BM office, which is 55% remodeled. If the Lord will extend His mercy, the opening of the office and museums is planned for later in 2021. The BM staff thanks all who participated prayerfully, financially, or physically in the acquisition and renovation of the BM office building.


  • They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world — the Lord defines mission ministry in the world, but mission is not of the world.
  • To keep them from evil — We will pray that the Lord will keep the mission ministry from evil.
  • Sanctify them by your truth; your word is truth. Sanctification is when God sets something apart for Himself. We will pray that everything that happens in this building will be on the foundation of God’s word.
  • As you sent me into the world, I sent them into the world — we will pray that all ministry in this building will take place after the example of Jesus Christ.
  • I pray also for those who believe in me according to their
    word -the purpose of the mission ministry and this building is
    «To reach people for Christ,» the result of our ministry is not in
    material gain, but in people gained for Christ.
  • May they all be one, as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, so may they be one in Us — the goal of mission ministry, so that despite belonging to different churches and unions, we may ALL be one.


THANK YOU, dear friends, for your reverent participation in the Give the Joy of Christmas project. In Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as well as in Pakistan and Turkey, we were able to give children Christmas gifts, children’s Bibles and children’s books about Jesus. Thank you for the fact that thanks to your donations we were able to bring the Christmas message directly to families — the message that no pandemic or closed borders can stop Christmas, because Christmas is the time when Jesus comes to us!

Here is one of this year’s testimonies. In the Pamir, in the town of Rushon, we held a program at the school where we renovated the assembly hall and built a sports field in the summer of 2020. In a matter of minutes the hall was filled with children and teachers. The children sat in anticipation of the festivities and crowded together as there were not enough chairs for everyone. All the children and teachers knew that we were followers of Christ and that the gifts were for the birth of the Savior of the world, and even if we said nothing to them, just our presence, the gifts and calendars were an eloquent testimony of Christ’s love for these people. The children especially rejoiced at the gifts.

Unfortunately, the program was overshadowed by the arrival of the security guards … We had to end the program at their urging, quickly handed out the gifts, and followed them to the branch. We were held there for almost 7 hours, we were all questioned, explanations were taken, a protocol was made and in the end we were fined: 5 brothers 50 Euro each, the organizer and the manager were fined 210 Euro.

We have not touched by a finger, they did not shout at us «almost», but we felt such a pressure that we all came out of there tired, devastated and emotionally exhausted. Thank God, it all worked out! God interceded and they let us go. By His mercy we continued on our way. Thank you for your prayers.

Thanks to your help, dear friends, 49,600 children in Eastern and Asian countries were able to experience the joy of Christmas and to receive a gift and a children’s Bible. 

23,045 Christmas gifts
were packed by local
churches and delivered to
families in: Russia,
Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,
Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,
Pakistan, and Turkey.


26,555 Christmas gifts
were packaged in
Germany and distributed
in: Moldova, Ukraine,
Romania, Bulgaria, Czech
Republic, and Greece.


In addressing His disciples, Jesus Christ said: «Without Me you can do nothing,» John 15:5. In the days of the pandemic, when everyone was under quarantine, we especially felt the truth of these words. We prayed for all the co-workers and all the planned projects, and the Lord clearly showed that He holds everything in His Hands!

Every day in the BM office we pray, and we know that the Lord hears We invite you, too, dear friends, to be a part of the prayer ministry of the mission. We invite you too, dear friends, to be a part of the mission prayer ministry. «Pray for one another…much can be prayed for by intensified prayer» James 5:16


Then the children were brought to Him that He might lay His hands on them and pray; Matthew 19:13. We are thankful to you, dear friends and ministry associates, that 438 children and their families month after month can hear and feel the love of Christ in practice. They write to us … Hello, dear friends, Natalya, Sasha’s mother, writes. From the bottom of my heart, please accept our sincere gratitude for your attention and friendship!

Believe me, there are no words to express how glad we are that we met our friends from the Church of Hope who bring gifts, fruit, juices and sweets for Sasha. He is very happy because I spoil him very seldom. I am also happy because I wanted to buy some food after the paycheck, and here’s such a surprise: Everything is so timely, it’s so nice and happy for me! We live with my son alone. My husband left us when Sasha was young, after learning that he had a disability. It was a hard time, but it’s all in the past…

Now we have friends from Church who visit us, we can share with them, and Sasha always meets them with lots of questions. He is very inquisitive and used to be shy, but now he goes to Church with joy. There they study the Bible, sing songs about God and do creative work. Once again we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help! We wish you and your families comfort, emotional warmth, health, many happy years and peace on earth. Sincerely. Natalia and Sashenka


«Blessed is he who thinks of the poor!» Psalm 41:1

Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers and participation in sending help containers to Ukraine, Moldova, and Kazakhstan. We have the desire to continue to send containers of aid to these countries.


On the night of December 10, a fire destroyed the Hope Center for Women and Children. By the time the fireman arrived, two floors were already burnt out.

On March 13, by God’s grace, a solemn meeting was held at the Hope Center for Women and Children in Dushanbe with a prayer of thanksgiving and consecration. Ministers of the Church and all those who participated in rebuilding the home after the fire came. The blossoming trees in the yard symbolized a new beginning, a life and renewal.

The building was fresher and more beautiful after the renovation. New plastic windows were installed, warm floors were laid, and the doors, repaired bathroom, purchased some furniture and other things. One of the rehab residents from the men’s center volunteered to decorate the walls with drawings of biblical characters. It turned out very beautiful and cozy. Today there are 10 women and 13 children in the Hope Center.

We thank the Lord for this hard work! Thank you for your complicity and your helping hand. Today there are 10 women and 13 children in the Hope Center.

We thank the Lord for this hard work! Thank you for your complicity and your helping hand. For your prayers, for your money, for your Christian care and love. We pray and continue to do this work.


We received a special gift from God during the «crowning» in the summer of 2020 г. Because of your prayers, together with you, we were able to start 250th building project in the last 12 years — in Tevriz, Siberia. The brothers and sisters were only able to begin construction work in August when the «blockade» in Russia was eased. Besides In addition, in Siberia the construction season usually ends UKRAINE in August, as the first snow might fall in September. But here, too, God performed a miracle. Before the first frosts we were able to cover the roof. There was still a lot of work to do, but the joy of God’s intervention prevailed. Thank you, for your prayers and donations for the 2021 projects! We are still in need of your prayers, material contributions, and building tools in Volzhsky, Ardon, Kaspla, Malinovka, and Shepetovka.


In order to fulfill the tasks set by the Lord, we invite you to become a part of our ministry to the Lord and invite volunteers for:

1. Builders to travel to build Houses of Prayer in the mission fields
2. Builders to renovate the BM office in Minneapolis
3. Children’s ministry through children’s Sponsorships and Children’s Camps
4. Service of caring for widows
5. Preparing to send humanitarian aid