Brotherhood of love …

One of the meanings of the word alliance is a union or unification. In this case, this is the Union of Associations. Today the Alliance includes the following associations: Eastern Union of Slavic Churches ECB, Midwest, the North-Western Association of Slavic Churches of the European Baptist Church and the Canadian Brotherhood. The alliance is a voluntary association with legal obligations. The Asian Union of the European Baptist Union, Ukrainian Union of Baptists and others, are in good relations with Bible Mission, where the responsible ministers are Albert Freze, Paul Gagelgans, Grigory Friesen and other brothers. The head of Bible Mission Slavic is our brother Konstantin Andreyevskiy, a zealous and blessed minister, in many churches both in America and far beyond. The alliance exists for: mutual brotherly support of churches and ministers; see communion and prayer in the work of sanctification and spiritual growth; assistance to small churches in their ministry; the spread of the gospel throughout the face of the earth. To fulfill its tasks, the Alliance holds various meetings, seminars, conferences and congresses. For example, congresses for ministers and youth congresses, congresses on specific burning topics such as: “What is Church and Church discipline”, “Building relationships between generations”, “Questions for missionary ministries” and others. Christ in His high priestly prayer asked the Father: “Let all be one as we are with you, Father!”. This does not mean that all believers should be in one place and obey some Alliance or the president of the Alliance. This means that everyone needs to be in the place where he will stand to kill him. Time is short. Beloved by the Lord, let us unite in our heartfelt prayers for one another and for all the blessed brotherhood of Christ. And all, like one family, we will go to the white-washed fields for labor to the glory of the Lord!

With love in prayer, the least brother in the Lord

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