About Us

About Us

The Biblical Mission was founded in 1984 by Ivan Pauls in Germany. Today, thirty-three years later, this is a huge family that unites more than 100 employees in ten offices in different countries. On October 9, 2016, the office of  Bible Mission Slavic was consecrated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many brothers and sisters from across the US came to share the joy and bless the beginning of this ministry. Currently, 6 employees and a large number of volunteers work at the office. Every corner, every room is filled with testimonies of the amazing work that God does among his children.

Our Team

Konstantin Andreyevskiy


Pavel Babey

Slavic Portal


Vera Rudometkina

Child Sponsorship

Secretary of Prayer

Mission Statment

Winning people for Christ.


In Bible Mission, we believe that the Church is the best instrument for service. That is why we work with the Church, for the church, through the church.

Our projects could be split into three groups: Reaching, Caring, and Training. We evangelize to non-Christians, help the ministers and missionaries who are in need, and train the youth for service. 

Our Faith

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